Who we Are

Know who is behind this Project

The Municipality of Ponte de Lima has developed projects considered
relevant to the cultural, economical and social development, not only for
those who live here,
but also for those who visit the region.
The technical team assigned to
Lethes Art has that experience, that which sees beyond the structures
and setbacks in logistics, everything
that a project of this dimension may involve. However challenges make
us grow and as such we are
happy to participate in the achievement of this project.

The Technical Team

How to connect what can be seen and lived in art and the benefits of art
in human life is my main interest.
With a constructed narrative-driven approach to artworks in the
venues with history in Ponte de Lima, this contemporary art exhibition aims at
registering the visual and aesthetic response of the artists’ artworks to
the suggested theme, as well as at to their new context of exhibition
and observation.
I believe this international contemporary art exhibition in
Ponte de Lima may represent a contribution to a broader approach to
both permanent collections and temporary exhibitions in dialogue,
by enabling new significations
to be constructed.

The Curator
Isabel Patim

Photography of Nena. Local: Ponte de Lima Photography of Nena. Local: Ponte de Lima
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