We are pleased to welcome you in this initiative

Message of the Mayor of the Town Hall

Lethes Art is one more challenge of the Municipality of Ponte de Lima, which fostered the exhibition of contemporary art from all over the world last year.

Ponte de Lima wants to preserve the cultural memory, but wants above all to endure its identity and allow other identities to be constructed, deconstructed and transformed. The creativity of contemporary artists has the architectonic, artistic and landscape heritage of the village of Ponte de Lima at their disposal.

This project, like others we are proud of helping carry out, is particularly important, in our age when information is so fugacious, the day-to-day of each one of us, to promote memory, not let what identifies us fall into oblivion so as to continue to grow in the future.

The monuments/spaces chosen are themselves symbols of memory, full of history, of our history that is transformed and enriched as we open to All the possibility of enjoying them.

This is one of the major reasons that makes us launch this edition of the Lethes Art, enjoy, know, transform our past, at present, for it is the only way in which we have a promising future guaranteed.

I don’t want to finish this opening note without praising Dr. Isabel Patim, curator of this event, and all the staff of the Municipality for making this edition possible.

To the Artists we leave a challenge, of looking, an attentive look at one of the oldest villages in Portugal. The challenge of challenging us with your creativity!

Ponte de Lima welcomes you, as always with open arms!

Victor Mendes
Mayor of the Town Hall
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