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Last 1 July, at 18h, at the Chapel of Pereiras, the Opening Session of the first edition of Lethes Art Ponte de Lima started, under the conceptual frame ‘Memories & Identities’, which attracted hundreds of artists to participate in this international contemporary art exhibition. Also, hundreds of people accepted the invitation to this Opening Session, whose route started at Chapel of Pereiras, with a unique welcoming moment to the guests to the sound of the big drums of the Grupo de Bombos S. Tiago Maior de Poiares, registered in this photograph!

With exceptional opening hours of the exhibition venues, in twelve spaces of culture, the route of the opening session invited then All to visit the Garrida House – UFP, with about 50 artworks exhibited, followed by a third historical building, the Tower of the Old Prison, where the Invited Artist of this edition, Mário Rocha is represented, and closed at MUTE – Museu of Terceiros, with the speeches of the Mayor of the Town Hall of Ponte de Lima, Victor Mendes, and the Regional Director of Culture North, António Ponte, followed by a Verde de Honra. In the memory of Lethes Art remains the inaugural route and the hundreds of followers, in the streets of the village Ponte de Lima, as a solemn salutation announced with the alignment in the streets of the big drums.

The art exhibition is held until 30 September, inviting any visitor to Ponte de Lima to benefit from a day visit to buildings with history and culture in the village, with their own functionalities, but also with contemporary art, and, at the same time, from the pedestrian route between exhibition venues. To orient the visitor, Lethes Art offers a route leaflet with all the exhibition venues listed and marked in the map of the village, available at the Tourism Office.

The organization of the visit can be oriented by geographical criteria and the working hours of the exhibition spaces, available at < >, and in the map of the art exhibition, or only by the artistic narratives, of memories and identities, recreated for each of the exhibition spaces, according to the Concept 2017 < >.

The presence of the art exhibition in the Town Hall introduces one of the structural lines of the project Lethes Art, with the title of one of the artworks ‘From Portugal to the World’. Departing from the unquestionable presence of Portugal and the Portuguese in the world, the Municipality opens itself to the world, to culture, arts and innovation, to tourism, and to the dialogue of cultures. A narrative of its own significance is thus reconstructed, as well as the image of the identity of the project.

Beyond the mentioned exhibition venues, we can also visit the about 300 artworks of about 162 artists in the Municipal Archive, Municipal Library, Chapel of Pereiras, Centre for the Interpretation of Military History, Centre for the Interpretation of the Territory, Centre for the Interpretation and Promotion of Vinho Verde, Portuguese Toy Museum, Museum of Terceiros, and the Theatre Diogo Bernardes.

To recreate a narrative of memory of identity, of deconstructive-reconstructive nature, for each of the exhibition spaces, is the challenge of the Curator – with the selected artworks deconstructed and reconstructed, other textualities emerge in each building or place, in textual, visual and sound records of memories of times diachronically plural.

Lethes Art!

Isabel Patim

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