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Universidade Fernando Pessoa - Casa da Garrida (manor house)

A house built in the last quarter of the century XVIII, framed in the Manor Rocaille that integrates a chapel in the frontispiece in the variant that this is placed at the exterior and treated independently: “In the façade of the manor house, constituted by two floors separated by a frieze with pilasters in the wedges supporting the high cornice, there are bay windows on the cantilevers of straight lintel, surmounted by a sculptural group formed of festoons, cartouche and shell.

From the outside, the chapel is distinguishable by its decoration of great exuberance, topped by a bell tower.” Presently the University Fernando Pessoa, important center of higher education in the village of Ponte de Lima, occupies the building.

Universidade Fernando Pessoa - Casa da Garrida (manor house)


Rua Conde de Bertiandos, 4990-078 Ponte de Lima | Monday to Friday: 9h-13h and 14h-19h | 41° 46' 15.5" N - 8° 34' 45.1" W


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