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Jardim Temático do Arnado (thematic park)

The park is part of the Global Project of Valorization of the River Banks and its conception aims at having a cultural and recreational function. The cultural component draws the attention of the visitor to the historical evolution of the humanization of landscape. Thus rises the idea of creating a thematic garden that enables a journey through the history of art in the gardens, whose roots are deeply grounded in rural culture.

While the reutilization of preexisting structures of agricultural exploration is made, erudite gardens characteristic of different periods are integrated in the old cultivation fields: the Roman Garden, the Labyrinth Garden, the Renaissance Garden, and the Baroque Garden. In the botanic plant nursery, plantations with a pedagogical aim are made. The rural culture remains present through the different elements, such as the wine branches with vine, the watering systems from the tank and through the granite ducts, the noria, the big threshing floor and the granary.

Jardim Temático do Arnado (thematic park)


Parque do Arnado | Every day: 10h - 19h | 41° 46' 12,72" N - 8° 35' 16,439" W


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