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Centro de Interpretação da História Militar (militar museum)

Known as the Marquis Palace, this building has its origin in century XV, when D. Leonel de Lima gets from the King D. Afonso V the title of Alcaide of Ponte de lima and Viscount of Vila Nova de Cerveira. The Alcaide, which must not have the present configuration, supposedly used part of the Main Tower which disappeared completely. The building presents three manueline windows, dated from century XVI, being profoundly transformed in the century XVIII. The adjacent turret is one of the cubic turrets of the medieval fence and served as a prison and later as a storehouse.

D. Leonel de Lima’s descendent made changes to the exterior of the building, but also in the interior and, in the Marquis time, the then ground floor was transformed into horse stable. All these data were collected in the archeological intervention carried out in 2013, with the some traces museologized. In the emblematic Marquis Palace run once the Hospital of Mercy, the Technical School, the Marquis Palace and, presently, the Centre for the Interpretation of the Military History of Ponte de lima.

Centro de Interpretação da História Militar (militar museum)


Paço do Marquês, Praça da República, 4990-090 Ponte de Lima | Tuesday to Sunday:10h-12h30 and 14h-18h | 41° 46' 0,12" N - 8° 35' 2,039" W


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