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Municipal Library

The architectonic composition of the Municipal Library results from the opening of Cardeal Saraiva Street, in the end of the first quarter of century XX, which divided in two the building of Santa Casa da Misericórdia, (whose reconstruction was concluded in 1731), destroying thus a curious cloister of the XVIII century and a little of the medieval wall.

Connected to a fragment of the wall, there is an access to the battlement from the large porch balcony turned to the Square of Picota. The library still holds in the interior a stairway of baroque characteristics.

In 1993 extensive general reformation works were concluded in order to the running of the services of the Municipal Library.

Biblioteca Municipal (library)


Largo da Picota, 4990-090 Ponte de Lima | Monday: 14h-18h - Tuesday to Friday: 9h30-12h30 and 14h-18h - Saturday: 9h30-12h30 | 41° 46' 2,964" N - 8° 35' 5,127" W


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