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Lethes Art Ponte de Lima

LETHES-ART is an artistic project to promote the creation and exhibition of contemporary artworks of national and international Artists in several venues of the village of Ponte de Lima, in the north of Portugal.

The project aims at enhancing and facilitating communication between contemporary national and international artworks and historical buildings and places of the medieval village, as well as between the contemporary plural artistic discourse, artists and the artistic perception of intercultural audiences.

The Curator’s concern is to enable this intercultural dialogue among artists, artworks and exhibition Places with History, in this village. How to connect what can be seen and lived in art and the benefits of art in human life is my main interest.

With a constructed narrative-driven approach to artworks in the venues with history in Ponte de Lima, the 2017 edition aims at registering the visual and aesthetic response of the artists’ artworks to the suggested theme, as well as at to their new context of exhibition and observation.

I believe this international contemporary art exhibition in Ponte de Lima may represent a contribution to a broader approach to both permanent collections and temporary exhibitions in dialogue, by enabling new significations to be constructed.

Isabel Patim
A Curadora
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Municipal Archive – Narratives of identities & Discourses of memory

To recreate a narrative of memory and identity, of deconstructive-reconstructive nature, for each of the exhibition spaces, is the challenge of the curator – with the selected artworks deconstructed and reconstructed, other textualities emerge in each building or venue, in textual, visual and sound records of memories of times diachronically plural. With the narratives exhibited in the Municipal Archive, issues of memory and identity, that we want to preserve, are approached. In...